Earlier this year, President Joe Biden nominated a longtime advocate of Social Security privatization and benefit cuts to the bipartisan board that oversees that system. The move came as Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham (S.C.) started pushing “entitlement reform” — a handy euphemism for cutting Social Security and Medicare not unlike Biden’s longtime advocacy of slashing the critical senior retirement benefits.

As our new video reveals, more than a decade before Graham was roasted for his recent comments, President Barack Obama and Vice President Biden held a ceremony at the White House to announce a commission to cut Social Security and Medicare. This came despite Obama vowing on the campaign trail in 2008 to not cut cost of living adjustments or raise the retirement age for Social Security.

If Biden follows in Obama’s footsteps and capitulates to congressional Republicans who are on track to win control of Congress during November’s midterm elections, older Americans will take the hit.

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