Informed Citizens Make Better Choices

The Lever is a nonpartisan, reader-supported investigative news outlet that holds accountable the people and corporations manipulating the levers of power. The organization was founded in 2020 by David Sirota, an award-winning journalist and Oscar-nominated writer who served as the presidential campaign speechwriter for Bernie Sanders.

Informed Citizens Make Better Choices

Our Approach

The Lever’s reporting, podcasts, videos, and live events focus on politics, business, and corruption. We expose how money shapes and distorts public policy. We report inconvenient truths without regard for which powerbrokers, politicians, or political parties such reporting might offend.

Our journalism adheres to the highest editorial standards. All of our stories are subjected to rigorous fact checking and we provide our sourcing information whenever possible so that readers can independently review and verify our reporting.

Our Mission

We believe a functioning democracy requires a vibrant, reader-supported independent media, as an antidote to corporate media propaganda.

We believe fearless subscriber-supported journalism can force politicians and corporations to fulfill their promises. To paraphrase Archimedes: We believe that with a strong enough lever, we can help move the world.

Our Track Record

The Lever is operated by a small team — but we punch above our weight. Our reporting has appeared in major publications including The New York Times, ProPublica, The Guardian, Jacobin, and Rolling Stone, among others. Our efforts have shifted national conversations, spurred new policies, and led to real change.

Our Team

David Sirota


Founder and editor-in-chief of The Lever, David is also an Oscar-nominated writer and worked as Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign speechwriter. See more

Joel Warner

Managing Editor

Joel directs The Lever’s editorial coverage and daily operations. In addition to his award-winning journalism, Joel has published two books. See more

Lucy Dean Stockton

News Editor

Lucy is a New York-based editor and reporter focused on climate and privatization. She previously worked at The Nation, More Perfect Union, and Insider. See more

Andrew Perez

Senior Editor And Reporter

Covering money and influence on politics, Andrew’s award-winning work has appeared in MapLight, International Business Times, ProPublica and HuffPost. See more

Amos Barshad

Senior Enterprise Reporter

Amos is a journalist in New York and the author of “No One Man Should Have All That Power: How Rasputins Manipulate The World.” See more

Freddy Brewster


Freddy is a reporter and has been published in the Los Angeles Times, NBC News, CalMatters, the Lost Coast Outpost, and more. See more

Jared Jacang Maher

Lead Producer

Jared is an award-winning Denver-based producer. He has worked as an investigative reporter, features writer, and on TV, documentaries, and podcasts. See more

Frank Cappello

Podcast Producer

Frank is an award-winning writer and producer. His past work includes Billy on the Street, WTF with Marc Maron, published at BuzzFeed, and Earwolf Media. See more

Nick Byron Campbell

Marketing Director

Nick strategizes the Lever’s growth and audience engagement. He also occasionally reports for The Lever as a West Coast correspondent. See more

Mandy Hennessey

Operations Manager

Mandy is a longtime community organizer and has worked on numerous progressive political campaigns, including Bernie Sanders' presidential campaigns. See more

Katya Schwenk

Editorial Fellow

Katya is a journalist based in Phoenix, Arizona. See more

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