During the 2020 campaign, President Joe Biden promised to combat climate change by “banning new oil and gas permitting on public lands and waters” — and the week he took office in January, Biden issued an executive order pausing oil and gas leases on federal land as part of the administration’s effort to “combat the climate crisis by example.”

But environmental advocates say that the moratorium is likely to have little effect. If Biden is serious about reducing oil and gas developments on federal lands and mitigating the worst effects of climate change, experts insist that action is needed beyond the permit moratorium.

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• Amid Israeli atrocities in Gaza, Bernie Sanders is trying to halt another arms deal for the Netanyahu Government.

• Conservative Democratic Rep. Josh Gottheimer, who is leading the effort to repeal the $10,000 cap on state and local tax (SALT) deductions, recently sent an email soliciting constituent feedback “to ensure that I’m focusing on the right things.” But the included survey suggests Gottheimer might not really care what his constituents think about his pet issue.

• A new Supreme Court justice refused to recuse herself from a fossil fuel case involving her dad’s  former employer — and now the court just delivered a big win to oil and gas companies.

• Census data indicates the new COVID-19 relief bill has helped the nation’s renters — but the benefits might not last.

• Medical experts fighting Biden’s planned global COVID vaccine waiver have corporate ties that aren’t being disclosed.

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