Happy New Year and welcome to 2022 — the year that could be the beginning of the end of what’s left of American democracy and the planet’s livable ecosystem, unless things fundamentally change.

The Daily Poster’s regular publishing schedule starts back up tomorrow, but I just wanted to remind you about our first big live event of the year on Wednesday, January 5, with Academy Award-winning director Adam McKay, about the film Don’t Look Up (which I co-produced). The film is a climate allegory that instantly became the most popular movie on the world’s largest streaming platform.

Details about the live event are here — it is exclusive for our paying subscribers (click here to become one if you aren’t already). Make sure to watch the movie before the event, and consider reading this insightful article about the film.

I spent New Years Eve playing board games with the family and reading all of our subscribers’ end-of-the-year feedback thank you so much for sending us such thoughtful input about the coming year, and for the kind words about Don’t Look Up.

If you’ve watched the film, you know the movie’s fictional TV show The Daily Rip is a proxy for how corporate media has become one of the big obstacles to addressing the crises bearing down on our world.

As we head into the new year, The Daily Poster will keep trying to be part of fixing that problem. At a moment when the ruling party seems barely interested in delivering on its promises and right-wing authoritarians are threatening to take over the government, we will do the opposite of what corporate media typically does: We will continue following the money, holding politicians accountable, and focusing on the emergencies that imperil humanity.

We will do that because we know that when it comes to journalism, corporate media will never be part of the solution — a more robust, independent reader-supported media is the only way forward.

Thank you for being part of our team as we head into the new year and expand our work. We will have more news on that expansion soon — until then, I hope to see you on January 5!

Rock the boat,


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