What The Lever Published This Week:

Lawmakers Just Stole Air Travelers’ Right To Midflight Water
Politicians are helping airline lobbyists block passengers’ right to drinking water and human-sized airplane seats.
The Airlines’ Secret Billion-Dollar Refund Racket Is Set To End
Airlines won’t say how much they make from unused flight credits, but potential automatic refunds could hurt their massive windfall.


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CEOs Got Raises As They Cut Workers’ Pay
New data show the corporate pay gap is widening — now lawmakers are proposing a crackdown.
SIROTA’S SIGNALS: Why Hasn’t Biden Closed This Tax Loophole?
Plus, the real cost of Trump’s tax cuts, a Big Tech ad that’s a little too on the nose, and the Fed admits economic inequality is dangerous.
YOU LOVE TO SEE IT: Your Constitutional Right To Affordable Meds
Plus, Hawaii prioritizes housing for residents, a tech company cuts off the police, and Vermont votes to make Big Oil pay.

This Week’s Podcasts:

Why Does America Provide So Much Support To Israel?
This week on Lever Time, we look at the forces inside the White House steering Biden’s Israel policy and hear how the war has played out on the ground in Israel and Gaza.
What A Fracking CEO’s Text Messages Tell Us About Inflation
Monopoly expert Matt Stoller details his bombshell reporting on how an alleged oil price-fixing scheme between U.S. oil producers and Saudi Arabia fueled inflation.
Your Apps Are Helping The Government Spy On You
In this bonus episode of Lever Time, journalist Byron Tau explains the history of the modern surveillance state.

The Lever In The News:

Rolling StoneThe Lever’s reporting is central to this report on how Cruz and three other congressional lawmakers tried to undermine Joe Biden's plan to ensure automatic flight refunds.

BIG by Matt StollerStoller calls out our reporting in his piece on how airline lobbyists just got humiliated.

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