Today on Lever Time, David Sirota and producer Arjun Singh explore who’s actually in charge of the Biden administration’s response to the war in Gaza, and what their ultimate goals are. They also speak with Jerusalem-based reporter Nathan Thrall to learn how the war has played out on the ground in Israel, the Gaza Strip, and the West Bank.

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For months, President Joe Biden has pledged his support for Israel’s war in Gaza, even in the face of nationwide protests and internal opposition. At least three State Department employees have resigned in protest over his stance — and staffers have privately expressed frustration that Biden’s current moves appear to be driven by three close advisors who have consolidated control over the administration’s Israel policy.

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On Monday’s Lever Time Premium for paid subscribers: In an extended interview with Thrall, we dig deeper into his on-the-ground reporting from Gaza and the West Bank, and examine how Israelis see the war.