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Stuff The Lever Reported This Week:

SVB Chief Pressed Lawmakers To Weaken Bank Risk RegsThe collapsed bank’s president told Congress “enhanced prudential standards” should be lifted “given the low risk profile of our activities.”

Rail-Lobbyist-Turned-Senator Could Block Safety BillJohn Thune embodies the rail industry’s Washington influence machine that could now kill bipartisan safety legislation.

Workers Are Funding Private Equity’s Child Labor Exploitation Public employees’ retirement savings have funded the private equity takeovers of companies that used child labor in dangerous factories.

DeSantis Lets Electric Companies Hide Their Dirty Work — After industry cash flooded their war chests, Florida Republicans stopped requiring utilities from disclosing who they are punishing with power shutoffs.

Stuff To Watch & Listen To:

LEVER TIME: Nina Turner On Dems' Working-Class Voter ProblemDavid sits down with the progressive powerhouse to discuss the Norfolk Southern derailment and Democrats’ “neo-liberal cult of self-righteousness.”

MOVIES VS. CAPITALISM: Modern Times (w/ Pedro Ángel Rivera Muñoz)Rivka and Frank are joined by Pedro Ángel Rivera Muñoz  to discuss Charlie Chaplin’s anti-capitalist masterpiece Modern Times.

WATCH NOW: How The Lever Changed The Response To East PalestineThe Lever’s new video reveals how our coverage shifted the national dialogue around rail safety.

THE INSURGENTS: Movies vs. Capitalism ft. Frank Cappello Frank joins Rob Rousseau and Jordan Uhl to discuss analyzing film through an anti-capitalist lens, and why You’ve Got Mail is actually a psychological thriller.

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Who Cleans The Billionaire Factory

By Andrew Perez

We often make the point at The Lever that private equity has been a bad deal for public pension funds managing the retirement savings for unionized teachers, firefighters, police officers, and other government workers. State and local retirement systems have plowed fortunes into private equity, chasing higher returns that haven’t materialized, with high-fee investments that could soon blow up.

At the end of the day, the fees have primarily served to help make a small number of Wall Street executives exorbitantly rich — leading French economist Ludovic Phalippou to name the private equity industry “the Billionaire Factory.”

But then there’s the issue of what public pension officials are actually investing in when they hand government workers’ retirement savings over to private equity firms. What companies are private equity funds buying with workers’ money? Whose work supports the Billionaire Factory?

The answers to these questions are disturbing.