This week, The Lever’s podcasts showcase some heavy hitters — namely, a progressive powerhouse and an iconic film star. On Lever Time, David sits down with Nina Turner to discuss the Norfolk Southern derailment and Democrats’ “neo-liberal cult of self-righteousness.”

On Movies vs. Capitalism, hosts Rivka and Frank are joined by filmmaker Pedro Ángel Rivera Muñoz to explore the Charlie Chaplin classic Modern Times. The Audit is still on hiatus, but will return soon with more mind-numbing “educational” content.

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Rock the boat

LEVER TIME: Why Have Dems Lost Working Class Voters?

On this week’s episode of Lever Time, David Sirota is joined by progressive icon Nina Turner to talk about Ohio politics and why Democrats like Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg completely fumbled the political response to the train derailment in East Palestine.

A former Ohio state Senator, Nina has a keen sense of why Trump’s messaging appeals to working-class Ohioans and why Democrats must avoid the “neo-liberal cult of self-righteousness” if they want to win back voters. Also discussed: recent organizing efforts by Starbucks and Amazon workers and the 2024 presidential election.

A rough transcript of this episode is available here.

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Watch Unbossed With Nina Turner

On Unbossed, progressive firebrand and hell-raising humanitarian Nina Turner unites real, everyday Americans to take on the corrupt forces that seek to keep the power from the people. Click here to watch now.

MOVIES VS. CAPITALISM: Modern Times (w/ Pedro Ángel Rivera Muñoz)

On this week’s MVC, Rivka and Frank are joined by Pedro Ángel Rivera Muñoz (filmmaker, political writer, and activist) to discuss Charlie Chaplin’s anti-capitalist masterpiece Modern Times.

The group unpacks how this 1939 cinema classic is more relevant than ever with its grotesque depiction of factory working conditions, its satire of the ruling class and state power, and the aspirational message of its ending. They also discuss the historical context of Chaplin as a political artist during the 1930s, and the retribution he received at the time. Rivka and Frank then chat about the impacts of commodification on their own work and artistic endeavors.

A rough transcript of the episode is available here.

THE AUDIT: Catch Up On All Of The Episodes

The Audit’s study group has now completed two separate mini-seasons. First, they audited George W. Bush’s MasterClass on authentic leadership (which was terrible), and then they audited political consultants David Axelrod and Karl Rove’s MasterClass on campaign strategy and messaging (which was somehow worse). Make sure to catch up on all of the episodes below!

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