This is Lever Weekly, a recap of our work from the past week. If you only read one email from us all week, this should be it.

It’s been an eventful news week that’s raised a huge question: Who might replace Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee if he drops out? One potential candidate is the guy who has consistently won elections in the most pivotal swing state in the country: Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro. To learn more about him, read The Lever’s exclusive deep-dive profile of Shapiro as he was campaigning in Trump country. 

Biden’s status in the 2024 election wasn't the only huge story that we covered this week. 

The Supreme Court openly embraced bribery and then severely limited the government’s ability to enforce regulations on environmental protection, public health, and labor law, all in a two-day span. 

Private prisons are buying politicians to dismantle bail reform, tech companies are stealing your paycheck, and corporations like Boeing have weaseled their way into the Justice Department. 

Meanwhile, the Democratic party is having a meltdown after they spent a year silencing internal dissent to platform Joe Biden, only to find that he is now publicly unfit for the job — and the party committee that could replace him is stacked with corporate lobbyists.

What The Lever Published This Week: 

Why Are Teachers Funding Billionaires’ Private Jets?
Plus, Wall Street pretends it’s in Texas, Gordon Gekko gets rich off California workers, and the launch of Summer 2024’s blockbuster event.
Boeing’s Old Friend Inside Biden’s Justice Department
The Justice Department is packed with corporate lawyers who previously worked for the companies they are now charged with prosecuting.
Big Tech Wants Your Paycheck
Tech companies and a corporate-funded right-wing bill mill aim to pave the way for app-based payday-lending scams.
The Supreme Court Just Legalized Bribery
Conservative justices, swimming in gifts from billionaire benefactors, just ruled that corruption is perfectly legal.
Private Prisons Want You To Go Directly To Jail
Private prison companies are pushing states to get tougher on crime, then cashing in on the profits.
Why Hasn’t Biden Stepped Down?
Democrats blocked a serious primary challenge to Biden — now after the first debate, the threat of a Trump presidency looms.
How Lobbyists Could Now Install Biden’s Replacement
If the president steps down, the DNC committee that could pick the new nominee is stocked with corporate lobbyists looking to influence public policy.
YOU LOVE TO SEE IT: Press Freedom Gets WikiLeaked
Plus, scam victims get their money back, disabled people won’t have to work nonexistent jobs, a Native American reservation breaks new ground, and California gets beaver fever.

The Lever In The News:

  • The Hustle — Our reporting on AI’s unquenchable thirst and its lack of regulation made headlines in one of the top business newsletters.
  • Rising  Freddy Brewster joined the popular political talk show from The Hill to discuss how a former Boeing consultant is now tasked with prosecuting the company.
  • The Daily Beast Katya Schwenk joined the podcast to discuss a recent and particularly egregious Supreme Court ruling that effectively legalized bribery.
  • The Sunday Long Read — The collection of outstanding longform journalism included our story on the massive, unregulated environmental toll of artificial intelligence.
  • ROC USA — Amos Barshad joined the advocacy organization’s podcast to discuss his story on the campaign to take back mobile home communities from private equity predators.