How are teachers, firefighters and other public workers funding billionaires’ private jet travel? Why are Wall Street firms pretending they are based in Fort Worth, Texas? Who actually got tax increases from all those trickle-down tax policies? Which corporate CEO got an epic grilling at a Senate hearing? How can you be a better person online?

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BILLIONAIRES’ PRIVATE JET TRAVEL, PAID FOR BY PUBLIC EMPLOYEES: Last year, regulators issued a rule requiring hedge funds and private equity firms to better disclose how they spend investors’ money. Since so many of these investors are public pension funds, the rule was effectively designed to prevent Wall Street from stealing the retirement savings of teachers, firefighters, and other public-sector workers. But then Wall Street lobbyists got a Trump-packed court to block the disclosure rule. Now, research shows that Wall Street firms are often using investors’ money — read: pensioners’ money — to finance executives’ private jet travel.