What The Lever Reported This Week:

Airlines Filed 1,800 Reports Warning Regulators About Boeing’s 737 MaxAfter the planes resumed flying in 2020, documents show operators reported hundreds of safety problems to federal regulators.

Will Biden Rescind Trump’s Boeing Immunity Deal?If proven true, claims of safety problems and falsified records could breach a deal that shielded Boeing from prosecution after two deadly crashes.

The Oligarch Exemption For New Business Disclosure Rules After a multimillion-dollar lobbying blitz, Wall Street firms got themselves exempted from anti-money-laundering requirements being imposed on small businesses.

A Fossil Fuel MiseducationHow an oil and gas organization in Illinois is promoting misinformation in schools.

YOU LOVE TO SEE IT: Emergency Aid Gets AccessiblePlus, cancer vaccines work, states aim to tax the rich, and a fossil fuel project gets delayed.

Stuff To Watch Or Listen To:

LEVER TIME: The State That Could Cost Biden The ElectionDavid Sirota speaks with Michigan senate candidate Hill Harper about how the state could swing the presidential election.

MOVIES VS. CAPITALISM: Michael Clayton (w/ Matt Strackbein)The MVC team uncovers the truth of Tony Gilroy’s 2007 corporate espionage thriller.

Stranded at Davos? Boeing abandons Sec. Blinken at WEF due to ‘gas leak’ — The Lever’s Katya Schwenk joined Rising to discuss our latest Boeing reporting.