What The Lever Reported This Week:

Trump Donors Get Bailouts, Truckers Get Layoffs In a trucking giant’s bankruptcy, workers and taxpayers get crushed, while a Trump-linked firm gets a government cushion.

The Climate Culprits Blocking Workers’ Heat and Wildfire ProtectionsThe same corporate lobbying groups blocking action on climate change are fighting efforts to protect workers from its intensifying effects.

Alito Previously Told Lawmakers He Would Obey Ethics LawsTo get confirmed, the justice pledged to follow an anti-corruption law that he later ignored. Now he says Congress can't regulate the Supreme Court.

Ron DeSantis, Fake Populist The Florida governor pretends to attack the elites with an economic agenda that would preserve his big donors’ power over Americans’ lives.

YOU LOVE TO SEE IT: Grassroots Power Threatens Dirty Oil Also, workers get wage protections, the energy future approaches, and tenants build power against the corporate elite.

Stuff To Watch Or Listen To:

LEVER TIME: How PragerU’s Propaganda Machine Infiltrated Florida SchoolsThe Audit hosts examine right-wing media operation’s plan to infiltrate the public education system.

MOVIES VS. CAPITALISM: John Q w/ Nina TurnerThe MVC team rewatches the 2002 health insurance drama John Q.

LEVER TIME PREMIUM: Who Does The Supreme Court Answer To?The Lever team and paid subscribers discuss the troubling legacy of SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts.

WATCH NOW: Everything PragerU Gets Wrong About Health Care Health care reform advocate Wendell Potter provides a line-by-line rebuttal of the propaganda network’s cartoon about Canada’s universal health care system.