In this new video from the hosts of The Audit podcast, health insurance industry whistleblower and reform advocate Wendell Potter offers a line-by-line rebuttal to one of PragerU’s animated shorts about the evils of Canada’s universal health care system. As you’re about to see, PragerU’s content is often riddled with inaccuracies and misleading information, making its massive online presence all the more concerning.

PragerU is a conversative online propaganda network that produces short-form video content on politics, social issues, and history.

In 2021 PragerU launched PragerU Kids, focused on “educational content for children.” Now PragerU has raised the stakes, as it was recently announced that PragerU Kids content has been approved as supplemental teaching material in Florida public schools — even though PragerU is not an accredited educational institution. PragerU isn’t planning to stop there: They recently published an online petition to get their content into schools across the country.

LISTEN NOW: On this week’s episode of Lever Time, Audit hosts Josh Olson and Dave Anthony are joined by journalist and media expert John Knefel to discuss how the conservative propaganda operation PragerU landed a major new partnership with Florida’s public schools.

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