Last week, Joe Biden was about to appoint a corporate Democrat to the nation’s top health care post. Then we published a major expose on her record helping health care lobbyists and the situation abruptly changed. Now, Biden has nominated a progressive to the post — and today’s American Prospect explicitly credits The Daily Poster for playing a pivotal role in changing the entire situation.

Clearly, we are having a major impact on national politics — and now we’re trying to build out a full newsroom. Because we are grassroots-funded, the only way we can do that is if free subscribers decide to become supporting subscribers. So here’s my personal request of you:

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I want to reiterate — we’re on the verge of being able to build a full newsroom for 2021, so if you’ve thought of becoming a supporting subscriber, please do not wait. Do it now — it really is that important.

When we started The Daily Poster earlier this year, we had a theory: if you do hard-hitting accountability journalism on both parties, you can make a positive impact on American politics. Now, it’s happening — we’ve played a big role in backing Biden away from GOP talking points, limiting corporate immunity laws, exposing Republican corruption and now shaping the national debate about one a key Cabinet appointment.

As we’ve broken open more and more stories, we’ve faced increasingly intense efforts to bully us into silence. That’s not surprising — powerful politicians and corporations want loyal propaganda, and want to crush journalism that holds power accountable.

We’re not going to be intimidated — instead, we’re trying to expand, and the only way we can do that is if you become a supporting subscriber.

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Let me admit something: when we launched this project, I wasn’t sure it could be successful. I figured we’d give it a try, but I didn’t have great expectations because I know how hard it is to build something from scratch. But after all the against-the-odds successes we’ve had, I know that if we are able to build out a whole newsroom, we can create lasting change. For real.

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