Some days I wake up wondering why we do this work — it’s not fun to get attacked everyday for reporting inconvenient facts. But watching Joe Biden’s campaign now frantically backtrack because of our big story today, I know that the work is critical.

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This morning, we published a story spotlighting Biden’s top aide suggesting to Washington reporters that Democrats will not actually try to implement their promised agenda, and will instead focus on deficit reduction. Before our story came out, the entire political class had said nothing about these wildly disturbing remarks — everyone was in deference mode.

But our story spotlighting the implications of Team Biden’s statements touched off a huge firestorm, with leaders like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez weighing in. Suddenly under pressure, Biden’s campaign has now just issued a statement frantically backtracking. It’s a weak statement, to be sure, but clearly they felt the pressure to respond to our story — and they wouldn’t have had to say anything had we not done the work we do.

We are right now close to being able to significantly expand our work — we want to hire more reporters to do accountability journalism because as today clearly proves, it works.

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There is a lot of pressure to keep quiet and self-lobotomize right now — we are told we should just sit idly by and not even report inconvenient facts or hold power accountable. At TMI, we reject that. We hold both parties’ feet to the fire, whether they like it or not. You can see that this morning, with our Biden story and with our other big scoop on Donald Trump.

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