On Tuesday 1/25 at 7:30 pm ET (4:30 pm PT), Daily Poster paying subscribers chatted with New York Times Global Economics Correspondent Peter S. Goodman about his new book, Davos Man: How the Billionaires Devoured the World.

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Goodman previously worked as The Times’ national economics correspondent, playing a leading role in the paper's award-winning coverage of the Great Recession, as well as served as the Washington Post's telecommunications reporter, covering the dot-com bubble and bust. He was also Sirota’s editor at International Business Times.

In his new book Davos Man, Goodman delivers a searing exposé of how the global billionaire class has engineered a bottom-up transfer of wealth that has transformed 21st-century life and dangerously destabilized democracy. The book lays bare the roots of Trump, Brexit, and anti-democratic movements sweeping the globe, exposing how wealthy executives perpetuated the agony of the pandemic by monopolizing the benefits of COVID vaccines and laying the groundwork for the rise of Omicron.

You can read excerpts of the book at the New York Times and at Vanity Fair.

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