Just in time for Labor Day, it’s a big week for workers and unions! Employers get served by the National Labor Relations Board, the fight to pair climate action with green jobs is gaining momentum, Boston’s bus drivers get a much-needed raise, and a community in West Virginia sees potential for a green jobs boom. Also, marijuana gets reclassified, and in Illinois, the governor vetoed a utility monopoly and addressed other environmental concerns.

Bosses Beware (Of New Labor Rules)

The National Labor Relations Board announced a new framework for union-employer bargaining last week, making it easier for employees to get their unions recognized, especially when their bosses are being shady.

Now, when an employee union requests recognition, their employer has to either recognize the development immediately or petition for an election right away. But if the boss violates any fair labor practice standards while workers are seeking the election, the petition will be dismissed and NLRB will mandate immediate union recognition.