Protestors march across the Brooklyn Bridge to demand tax and funding reforms. (Photo credit: David Dee Delgado/Getty Images)

This report was written by Julia Rock.

New York Assembly Repeals Nursing Home Immunity (Spectrum News) — The New York Assembly passed a bill to repeal a law granting legal immunity to nursing homes, which was slipped into last year’s budget by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and is at the center of New York’s current nursing home scandal. Now, the repeal legislation is before the state senate.

Socialist Legislators Want To Impeach Cuomo for Abuses of Power (The Intercept) — “Whether or not the tall order of impeachment succeeds, the effort to hold Cuomo accountable should be seen in the context of a burgeoning shift in New York politics. The rising left-wing politicians aim to challenge the state’s entrenched corporate, carceral, and propertied power structures, where gender-based and racial abuses flourish.”

Top New York Democrat Wants To Tax The Rich (Tweet) — A coalition of organizations in New York have put together a package of reforms that would raise taxes on the richest people in their state and raise $50 billion for investments in public services. Today, activists shut down two bridges in New York City to attract attention to the issue. Their tactics seem to be working: The state’s number-two ranking senator announced his support for the reforms on Friday.

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