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This report was written by Julia Rock


These Corporate Democrats Should Expect Challengers In 2022 (The American Prospect) — “Long before Democrats do battle with the GOP in November, progressives will mount challenges to moderate and right-wing Democratic incumbents. For the past two cycles, they’ve had increasing success, taking down long-tenured incumbents and growing the ranks of progressives in the Democratic caucus.”

Biden Scraps Trump’s Medicaid Work Requirements (Huffington Post) — A Trump-era program that allowed states to attach work requirements to Medicaid eligibility is on the chopping block, after the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced Friday that it will be ending its approval for such requirements. The program, which was fully implemented in Arkansas, led to thousands of people losing their healthcare. Nineteen states had requested federal approval to attach work requirements to Medicaid benefits.

Janet Yellen To Name “Climate Czar” To Treasury (CNBC) — The Biden administration’s approach to addressing climate change involves getting every  government agency on board, as it should. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is reportedly considering Sarah Bloom Raskin for the department post, which would be a big victory for the climate movement.

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