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This report was written by Julia Rock.


  • Biden Follows Through On His Promise To Expand Unemployment (U.S. Department of Labor) — The Labor Department issued a guidance Thursday stating that workers who turned down jobs at unsafe workplaces can qualify for unemployment, making good on the Biden administration’s promise to undo one of his predecessor’s worst labor directives. A Trump-era edict threatened to strip people’s jobless benefits if they turned down work for fear of being exposed to COVID-19. The rule forced many into hazardous jobs; since last March, upticks in workers’ safety complaints consistently preceded spikes in COVID deaths. Now, most people who were denied unemployment for refusing to choose their job over their health can get benefits dating back to when they first applied.
  • Progressives Score More Gains In Are Taking Over Michigan Democratic Party (The Daily Poster) — Last week, The Daily Poster reported that progressives in Michigan were trying to take over their state’s Democratic Party. The results of last Saturday’s election are in.According to Liano Sharon of the Michigan progressive group MI Solidarity, last week’s Saturday’s party elections were a rousing success. Sharon told The Daily Poster that progressives can now rely on “between 50 and 90” votes on the state’s central committee, a huge increase from the 40 to -60 votes that progressives could count on before the election. “I won't know for sure until we start taking votes,” Sharon said. “I know we have allies who won on the Unity Slate, some of whom are new to the [state’s leadership committee]Committee. Could be as many as 90 on some issues, less on others.”
  • Bernie Uses Chairman Position To Raise Wages (New York Times) — Yesterday, Senate Budget Committee chairman Bernie Sanders held a hearing to demand corporations to answer for the low wages they pay their workers. At the hearing, the CEO of Costco announced that the company would be raising wages from $15 to $16 an hour next week. Sanders has plans to use his chairman position to put pressure on the nation’s largest companies.

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