Things are hot, hot, hot in the world right now. But yet once again, ordinary people are taking control of their own lives and forging their own destiny — a destiny they share with all of us. Decades of organizing are culminating in real policy changes, and it seems that some folks haven’t forgotten that if we stand together, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish. Amazon workers at three warehouses walked out for better pay and working conditions, the main teachers union in Puerto Rico forced a major wage increase, the Environmental Protection Agency is finally taking environmental racism seriously, the National Labor Relations Board is cracking down on Starbucks’ union-busting efforts, and Rep. Ilhan Omar is standing up to warmongers. On top of all of that, a new app developed by Daily Poster reporter Walker Bragman and friend of the Poster Alex Kotch to help diversify our incredibly constrained media environment is now live — and you should download it posthaste!

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  • The CFPB takes on credit agencies.
  • New dinosaur alert!
  • Coral makes a comeback.