This isn’t a paid advertisement — we don’t do those. But I’m emailing to tell you about a special offer from Jacobin magazine exclusively for Lever subscribers:

We’ve been working with Jacobin magazine (I’m an editor-at-large there!) since the very launch of our project in 2020. Jacobin is published online every day, and you’re probably familiar with their regular democratic-socialist commentary on politics, economics, and culture. But they also publish a beautiful quarterly print magazine that funds their important work.

The latest issue of Jacobin just hit the printer and I got a sneak peek. It comes in at 180 pages, filled with articles, lists, infographics, and incredible storytelling that you won’t get in the mainstream media. They’re pushing progressive ideas where they should go — into the hands of people who want to not just talk about how bad the world is, but who want to actually change things.

It’s really fine work and we want The Lever subscribers to be able to access it. You can follow this link to get a year of Jacobin in print for just $10, or an introductory $1 subscription:

We’ve enjoyed working with Jacobin over the past couple years, and I know you’ll enjoy reading it.

Rock the boat,