This week, The Lever broke a story that brought critical attention to failings of the Washington Post’s fact checking. Senior editor and reporter Andrew Perez fact checked the Post’s widely shared Fact Checker column questioning a news report about a 10-year-old child who was raped and had to travel from Ohio to Indiana for an abortion. This faulty WaPo article was weaponized by anti-abortion activists and right-wing pundits at a crucial moment, after the Supreme Court invalidated federal protections for abortion rights. So setting the record straight in this instance could not be more important. Andrew joins us on this week's Lever Time podcast to discuss his investigative reporting, which ultimately led to the WaPo issuing a correction. This segment begins at 2:10.

In addition:

  • Julia Rock interviews technology procurement expert Hassan Khan about the recently passed CHIPS Act and what it means for domestic semiconductor manufacturing and the tech giants who will benefit from it. This segment begins at 17:25.
  • David sits down with Stacey Walker, the first African-American elected to the Linn County Board of Supervisors in Iowa, to discuss Walker’s experience governing as a progressive Democrat in a red state during the Trump era. This segment begins at 40:45.

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