Big News:

Today, The Lever launches its second official podcast, The Audit — with its first season focused on George W. Bush’s Masterclass.

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The Audit is an “educational” series in which comedian and WGA-nominated TV writer Dave Anthony and Oscar-nominated screenwriter Josh Olson audit a variety of online classes, docuseries, and other media products created by noxious political figures and boil them down to the good stuff. By which they mean… the bad stuff.

In this first mini-season, Dave and Josh are joined by the comedian Kate Willett as they audit George W. Bush’s online MasterClass. Today’s first episode covers the first three lessons in Bush’s 12-part series. Dave, Josh, and Kate pick apart Bush’s whitewashing of his own legacy, offer a retrospective on his charmed life in Texas, and mull the disastrous consequences of his presidency.

We hope you enjoy our new podcast. Thanks to your support, we’re now building a powerful independent voice to take on corporate media. We couldn’t have done this without you.

Rock the boat,