This report was written by David Sirota.

Progressive Leaders Warn Biden Administration To 'Hold The Line' On Minimum Wage Hike (Yahoo News) — “Progressives say they’re frustrated by the amount of time it has taken to pass a relief package through Congress, and argue that the promise of $2,000 checks was essential to Democratic victories in last month’s Senate elections in Georgia. Additionally, proponents of a $15 minimum wage like Turner believe Biden should ‘hold the line’ on an increase despite resistance from congressional Republicans and moderate Democrats.”

With Trump’s Acquittal, The Fragility Of America’s Democracy Is Even More Clear (FiveThirtyEight) — “Even if Trump himself doesn’t seek the presidency again, aspiring Republican politicians know now that the party’s base and elected officials will tolerate a lot of anti-democratic behavior. So, both Trump and Trump-style politics remain major threats to American democracy and potentially the future of the Republican Party.”

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