A prominent senator argues that Israel's atrocities in Gaza embody the extremism of the Netanyahu Government, and why the United States must use its leverage to stop the violence. Also, a powerful new essay reviews how the situation spotlights a double standard when it comes to right-of-return arguments about sacred homelands.

Also In Today’s Weekend Reader:

• Documents reveal Big Pharma's plot to stop a waiver to deliver generic versions of COVID vaccines to other countries.

• Small towns are fighting back against cryptocurrency miners' energy guzzling in the era of climate change.

• A new poll shows a large majority of Americans now believe it would be healthier if the country ate less meat - and that also would be better for the climate.

• Following a deep-dive investigation by the New Yorker magazine, a former Navy pilot tells a separate prominent news outlet that flight crews observed UFOs "every day for a couple of years" – and now a the Senate Intelligence Committee has ordered Pentagon and intelligence officials to produce detailed report on unidentified aerial phenomena.

Photo credit: AP Photo/Hatem Moussa

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