Myths and manufactured narratives now define American politics. We are told the Supreme Court is a moderate force for stability. We are told that the Democratic Party respects the idea of Democratic primary voters choosing their own representatives, without the intervention of the Democratic establishment and its powerbrokers. We are told that benevolent billionaires are altruists who want to save the world.

This week’s Weekend Reader offers some stories that debunk these myths, and show the much more disturbing reality of the American oligarchy. And we also take a look at how corporate media’s obsession with the red-versus-blue conflict in Washington often suppresses important news when it doesn’t fit neatly into a partisan frame.

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  • A deep-dive look at how America’s hospitals fleece the country with inflated prices.
  • Why James Carville is always on TV, and always wrong.
  • An argument for banning mansions in the age of climate change.