If you’ve been watching the news this week, you know our reporting is having a big impact — Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been on the defensive after our investigative story yesterday, and our follow-up reporting today, which got a major boost in The Guardian. We are proving that grassroots-funded independent reporting is the future — which is why I’m asking you to help us expand this journalism project.

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Since we’ve launched this project, resources from supporting subscribers have allowed us to bring aboard investigative journalist Andrew Perez, and to break big stories with impact. The more grassroots subscribers we get, the more we can expand this work. It’s that simple.

We know that old media institutions are in crisis — and we know our democracy cannot survive without a free press that is holding power accountable. We also know that corporate- and billionaire-funded media will never consistently challenge the power of corporations and billionaires. And if you’ve read this recent New York Times column about the business of journalism, you know that grassroots-funded media is one of the best hopes for the future.

That’s why I started TMI — to try to build a grassroots-funded outlet that can consistently do honest journalism that challenges power.

I apologize that I’ve periodically asked folks who are getting the free version of this newsletter to subscribe. Just please know that I’m doing it so that we can expand this work.

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