The Daily Poster recently published a story revealing a surprising admission from the Republican-run Congressional Budget Office: Corporate health care is immiserating millions of Americans, and a Medicare for All-style system could fix the catastrophe.

Watch our new video about the CBO report — and then share it on social media and forward this email to friends and family.

Daily Poster - The Government Tells The Truth About Medicare For All

We don’t answer to health insurance CEOs or lobbyists. We’re a reader-supported news outlet — which is why we can produce this video and report stories like this and this that corporate health care interests would rather keep out of public view.

We can also show how President Joe Biden and Democratic lawmakers have the power to scrap our current medical system and build one that works for everyone — but so far haven’t even considered passing the public option plan Biden touted on the campaign trail.

The only way for our elected officials to do right by all of us is to continue lifting the veil on these kinds of inconvenient truths.

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