It’s a big week for us here at The Daily Poster: It’s our one-year anniversary.

The Washington Post’s top political reporter recently said “The Daily Poster became a must-read in a hurry” — and so to celebrate a year of making a big impact and holding politicians accountable, we are offering our free subscribers some big gifts, if you become a supporting subscriber right now.

FIRST GIFT: A huge discount off a Daily Poster subscription. Click here for the  discount — it is available this week only.

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Once you are a supporting subscriber, you’ll get instant access to our second gift: Our first digital publication — The Daily Poster Citizens’ Guide to Following the Money and Holding the Powerful Accountable

The result of several months of work, the brand new guide features all the tools that our reporting team uses to scrutinize power:

  • How to file public records requests
  • How to scrutinize the media
  • How to uncover business records
  • How to track political donations
  • How to expose dark money groups
  • How to publicize what you find.

And much, much more.

A digital edition of our Citizens’ Guide, which you can either read online or download for personal use, can be yours right now if you click here to become a supporting subscriber. Once you do, you will immediately receive an email with a link to your free gift.

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But that’s not all. When you become a supporting subscriber, you will immediately score access to our anniversary bash. This Wednesday 4/14 at 7 pm ET (4pm PT), I’ll be with The Daily Poster team at a celebratory live chat. We will be sharing a bit about ourselves, discussing lessons learned over the past year, unveiling exciting plans for our future, and taking your questions.

Like all our live-chats, the event is exclusively for Daily Poster supporting subscribers, who will be able to watch the broadcast live and ask questions and provide feedback in real time. Subscribers can also watch a replay of the chat following the event.

To participate, click here to become a supporting subscriber, and you will get event login information via email.

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What are you waiting for? There has never been a better time for you to become a supporting subscriber. Please consider doing so. With your help, we can make year two bigger and better than the first.

Rock the boat,