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Quick clicks:

• I’ve summarized American politics in one single image right here.

• If you’re looking to stay involved in politics now that the Democratic presidential primary is winding down, check out all the Berniecrats running for office.

• Thank you, celebrities.

• Here’s something relatively rare: an interesting proposal from a Senate Republican.

• Compared to other industrialized countries, the United States’ fiscal response to the COVID crisis has been small.

This dude is not wrong.

• When it comes to the small business lending program, you just can’t make this stuff up.

• My 9-year-old son has become obsessed with Rubik’s Cube, as you can see from this photo. He insisted to me the best in the world can solve them in seconds. I didn’t believe him. Then he showed me this and now my mind is blown.

Stuff I’m reading:

Thanks to Covid-19, Neoliberal Globalization Is Unraveling (The Nation) — There’s a difference between globalism and internationalism. Bernie Sanders understands that, Joe Biden doesn’t — and that’s a big problem for Democrats in the 2020 general election.  

My Dad’s Friendship With Charles Barkley (WBUR) — Just read this article. I’m not even going to summarize it here. You’ll love it.

32 millionaire CEOs who scooped up taxpayer money meant for struggling small businesses (Popular Info) — my Substack colleague Judd Legum breaks open a big story about the Trump administration’s loans for small business.

Bailout money bypasses hard-hit New York, California for North Dakota, Nebraska (Reveal) — were small business loans targeted towards states that are politically important for Trump?

The Democrats Who Want to Bail Out the Oil Industry (Sludge) — this is happening during a climate crisis, and it’s not good.

The Infection That’s Silently Killing Coronavirus Patients (New York Times) — an emergency room physician identifies COVID pneumonia as a major problem, and argues that there is a way we could more quickly identify early signs with a common medical device.

Stuff to Watch & Listen To:

Did Amazon get caught lying to Congress about monopoly practices? (The Hill) — I was on The Hill’s morning show Rising to talk about some big news. Make sure to subscribe to Krystal and Saagar’s newsletter here.

The Last Dance (ESPN) — I highly recommend the ESPN documentary series about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. It’s a great escape during these dark times — but it is also crushing my soul, because it is bringing back painful memories of Jordan totally steamrolling my beloved Philadelphia 76ers.

Why Bernie Lost (Left Anchor) — I was on the Left Anchor podcast with The Week’s Ryan Cooper discussing what happened at the end of the Bernie 2020 campaign.

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