We are thrilled to unveil our first piece of Lever-branded merchandise: limited-edition, customized reporter notebooks, which you can get right now by becoming a Lever Leader. 

When you become a Lever Leader and get your notebook, you are also doing something we need more of our readers to do: pitch in at the highest level and help fund our journalism that holds power accountable.

This notebook is grounded in history. In the 1940s, folk singer Woody Guthrie scrawled across his guitar, “This machine kills fascists.” It’s in that spirit that we designed The Lever notebook, crafted by a fellow investigative journalist to bring back the sturdy, high-quality reporter notebooks that had ceased to exist. 

The result is more than a notebook — it’s a carefully-crafted, American-made tool used by David Sirota and The Lever team to do accountability journalism. Whether you’re launching your own investigation or need a place to compile your thoughts, it’s the perfect aid for informed citizens.

You can’t buy this limited-edition notebook in stores or online. The only way to get one is to become a Lever Leader today. You will receive an onboarding email asking you to provide us your address, so we can send you your gift.

As a Lever Leader, this is just one of many exclusive benefits you’ll receive. Along with this notebook, you get:

  • A new special gift of Lever merchandise every year.
  • A personal call-out and thank you in our Lever Weekly newsletter (with an option to opt out).
  • One gift subscription a year to offer to a friend or family member.
  • A special invite to a virtual meeting of The Lever staff, to score an exclusive sneak peek at the organization’s future plans.
  • The ability to provide input regarding how your investment is used to shape our path forward.

Most importantly, you will be providing us the extra support we need right now to expand our efforts to hold the powerful accountable as we head into a crucial election year.

If you are able, become a Lever Leader today and score this limited-edition Lever reporter notebook. It’s the perfect way to show the world that you are a part of our team. 

Rock the boat.