🎧 THE AUDIT: The Climate Change Misinformation Machine (w/ Naomi Klein)

this is what we do, and we can do more

Oct 16, 2020 David Sirota
this is what we do, and we can do more


We are building a grassroots-funded media outlet that follows the money and challenges power — and we broke a series of big stories this week. As Gizmodo noted, Judge Amy Barrett could “end up being a deciding vote on a case involving Shell and cities seeking money to pay climate change-fueled damages, according to original reporting from The Daily Poster.

This is the kind of hard-hitting reporting we do everyday — and we can do more with your help. We are right now aiming to hire more journalists to try to build out a whole newsroom of reporters to hold politicians accountable — during this election and afterward.

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Media funded by billionaires and corporations will never consistently hold power accountable. That’s why we are building this grassroots-funded media outlet.

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