The election is over and the good news is that Donald Trump will soon be gone — but mere hours after the election was called, we are already seeing signs that Republican operatives are trying to infiltrate the Democratic Party, invalidate the election mandate and push a Biden administration to the right. This would be a disaster — and the best way to stop it is to expose them and shame them.

We at The Daily Poster have been doing exactly that during the election — and we are working to expand our team to do even more of it right now. We are 100% grassroots funded, so here’s my ask of everyone who is a free subscriber:

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This past week, The Daily Poster exposed how GOP operatives at the Lincoln Project set $67 million of liberals’ money on fire — now the group’s top GOP leader is publicly attacking us, all while they reportedly plan to launch a media empire that will likely try to push Biden to the right.

Meanwhile, former GOP Gov. John Kasich — who was given a speaking slot at the Democratic convention — is already insisting that Democrats shouldn’t first and foremost deliver results for the majority of voters who elected them, but instead “listen to what the other half of the country has to say.”

The best way to fight back against this propaganda — and prevent Biden from ignoring his progressive promises and cutting bad deals with a GOP Senate — is to build grassroots-funded media that does accountability journalism day in, day out.

The Daily Poster has been doing this, with big impact. Now we have to expand — and we can’t delay. We have to gear up right now.

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Trump is gone and that is a big reason to celebrate. However, we cannot keep doing the same thing and expecting different results — we cannot keep holding elections, then going back to brunch and expecting corporate- and billionaire-owned media to fix the situation.

To actually make change and make progress, we have to build our own new media ecosystem that informs and empowers people to hold their elected officials accountable. That is what we’ve been doing at The Daily Poster — and we can make an even bigger impact with your help.

Thanks for considering this request.

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