The Weekend Reading List — 2/7/21

What Happened With GameStop? (Markets Weekly) — “It's important to remember that the market chaos we have seen from all of this isn't just about a Reddit forum, a slick app, or media buzz. It's also, in some ways, yet another form of Trump-era chaos.”

The Democrats Have a Mandate. Why Won’t They Use It? (Eudaimonia) — The Democratic party has won real power in Washington, but rather than wielding it, is calling for unity and healing. “Passing a bunch of Executive Orders to reverse a few of Trump’s abuses of power isn’t governing like you have a mandate. It’s just the lowest possible bar for reversing authoritarianism,” Umair Haque writes.

What We’ve Learned From the Robinhood Affair (The American Prospect) — Former Senator and leader of the Biden transition Ted Kaufman tried to crack down on predatory short-selling over a decade ago, but nobody listened to him. He doesn’t have an official role in the Biden administration, but his track record on financial regulation shows that Biden should be listening to his longtime aide.

These Machines Won’t Kill Fascism (The Nation) — “If progressives are to ensure that technical systems aren’t yoked to a far-right agenda, they’ll need to stop relying on legislative maneuvering or entreaties to corporations and, together with these frontline actors globally, vie for control over the infrastructure itself.”

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