Texas’s Energy Crisis Is America’s Future (New Republic) — “The energy disaster in Texas this week was decades in the making. It’s also a preview for what power grids across the country could face as the climate crisis intensifies. The United States’ patchwork energy quilt will need dramatic reform to meet the challenges of both decarbonization and the extreme weather ahead. And unfortunately, the political response to Texas’s crisis so far shows how hard fossil fuel interests will fight to keep the current system in place.”

The Myth of Andrew Cuomo the Competent, Steady Statesman Is Finally Being Punctured (Jacobin) — “Now Trump is gone and Cuomo is alone, deprived of his favorite foil. Though his poll numbers have yet to significantly decline, the prestige media that spent so long propping him up has now turned. Even if Cuomo never sinks low enough to lose reelection next year — given his enormous war chest and New York’s horrific campaign finance laws, it’s still an unlikely scenario — he will never again be the governor feted by Ellen and celebrated by self-described “Cuomosexuals.” He’s not getting another Emmy. His moment is over.”

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