As a result of a strong and growing paid subscribership, The Lever has significantly expanded, hiring several new team members from brand-name media outlets across the country. The Lever’s newsroom now stands at 19 team members — and the news outlet’s journalism was just recognized by the prestigious SABEW Awards.

The Lever’s new journalists are already doing notable work that is shifting the national conversation. In recent weeks alone, The Lever’s reporting has been cited by NPR’s Morning Edition, NPR’s On The Media, The Washington Post, Politico, Al Jazeera, Rolling Stone, and The Baltimore Sun, not to mention The New York Times’ DealBook newsletter three days in a row.

“We’re thrilled that our reader-supported news outlet continues to grow and to attract high-caliber journalism talent that is breaking open huge stories week after week,” said The Lever’s Managing Editor Joel Warner. “This is a difficult time for the media industry, but our subscribership and our commitment to accountability journalism are making this expansion possible.” 

Meet The Lever’s New Team Members:

  • Lois Parshley (Senior Investigative Reporter): Lois is an investigative reporter and editor whose wide-ranging journalism has been published by The New York Times, The Atlantic, Popular Science, and Scientific American, among many other publications. 
  • Amos Barshad (Senior Enterprise Reporter): Amos is a New York-based reporter who previously worked for Grantland and The FADER. His work has appeared in outlets like The New York Times Magazine, Wired, and The Nation, and he is the author of No One Man Should Have All That Power: How Rasputins Manipulate The World.
  • Arjun Singh (Senior Podcast Producer): Arjun is an award-winning audio journalist. Previously, he was a producer and guest host for The Washington Post’s flagship podcast Post Reports, and also worked at the NPR stations WGBH and WBUR.
  • Freddy Brewster (Reporter): Freddy is a California-based reporter whose investigative reporting and political coverage has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Dateline NBC, CalMatters, the Lost Coast Outpost, and elsewhere.
  • Helen Santoro (Reporter): Helen is a Colorado-based reporter focused on health care who has been published in KFF Health News, Scientific American, The New York Times, and other publications.
  • Katya Schwenk (Reporter): A former reporter for Phoenix New Times, VTDigger, and Morocco World News, Katya is an Arizona-based journalist whose work has appeared in The Baffler, Business Insider, and The American Prospect.
  • Lindsay Ballant (Contributing News Designer): Lindsay is a Maryland-based designer and art director whose award-winning designs have appeared in The Baffler, The New Republic, The New York Times Magazine, Newsweek, and Foreign Policy, among other publications.
  • Veronica Riccobene (Social Media & Marketing Producer): Veronica is a producer based in Washington, D.C. Previously at The Hill, she has experience in live television, long-form and vertical video, and reporting.
  • Katherine Li (Editorial Fellow): Katherine is a California-based reporter who has been published in the San Francisco Chronicle, The New York Times, SFGATE, and other publications.

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