The last 18 months have been a blur for many of us — for my part, I went from investigative journalism, into a presidential campaign, then into the lockdown quarantine where I’ve launched this new grassroots journalism project while trying to be a good dad and full-time teacher and camp counselor for two kids.

Like everyone else, I’ve found it difficult to find even a few minutes of quiet to reflect on the journey — but I managed to make some time for that reflection when the UK Independent asked to interview me about everything that’s happened, and about my own personal experience on the Bernie 2020 campaign.

The Independent published its piece today, which you can click here to read.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked on many campaigns — some wins, some losses. I haven’t really talked much about them, but in this case, I decided it was worth it. As you’ll see, I discussed Bernie Sanders I’ve known for 20+ years and the ups and downs of the primary. As I said: “Bernie is one of the most human – and humane – political figures of the modern era. His whole agenda is motivated by the most human emotions – compassion, solidarity and love.”

I also talked about the terrible state of the news media — and exactly why I am working so hard to build this grassroots-funded newsletter and the journalism that it supports.

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These are turbulent times, but I am convinced that new models of grassroots-funded and grassroots-focused media and politics are part of what will start making things better. That’s why I’m doing this work — and that’s why I’m inspired by so many others who are in this fight for a better future.

Rock the boat,