🎧 THE AUDIT: The Climate Change Misinformation Machine (w/ Naomi Klein)

🎧 LEVER TIME PREMIUM: The Giant Law Firm That Has Been Influencing American Politics

Jan 4, 2023 Frank Cappello
On this week’s Lever Time Premium: David speaks with a leading expert in airline history and regulation; and discusses the shadowy power wielded by our country’s largest law firms.
🎧 LEVER TIME PREMIUM: The Giant Law Firm That Has Been Influencing American Politics

In this week’s episode of Lever Time Premium, our extended weekly podcast for supporting subscribers, David Sirota sits down with journalist David Enrich to discuss his new book Servants of the Damned: Giant Law Firms, Donald Trump, and the Corruption of Justice. It’s an incredible exposé on some of the world’s largest law firms, including Jones Day, and the shadowy power they wield over some of our country’s most important institutions (43:13).

A rough transcript of this episode is available here.

In addition: After the Southwest Airlines debacle that saw over 2,500 flights canceled and up to a million travelers stranded over the holidays, David explores how the U.S. airline industry became one of the most concentrated and despised industries in the country with the help of William J. McGee, a senior fellow for aviation and travel at the American Economic Liberties Project. William explains to David the history of airline deregulation and the federal preemption that left oversight of the industry solely in the questionable hands of the Secretary of Transportation (10:50).

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