The rise of subscriber-supported independent news outlets means there is finally a space for reporting and analysis completely outside of corporate media. And in recent weeks, The Daily Poster’s original reporting has been featured by some of the biggest independent programs in the country. Today, we wanted to highlight a few of those.

1. Will Progressives Hold The Line?

As the infrastructure bill weaves its way through Congress, the big unknown is whether progressive Democrats will finally follow through on their promise to use their legislative leverage, rather than acquiescing to the White House and falling in line. During a recent Bad Faith episode with Briahna Joy Gray, The Daily Poster’s David Sirota reviewed the history of such acquiescence, our reporting on congressional dynamics — and what it all suggests will happen in the coming weeks.

Click here to watch the episode, or click here to listen to the podcast version.

2. ER Denials & Union Busting

The Daily Poster’s Andrew Perez and Julia Rock recently appeared on Thom Hartmann’s national radio program to discuss their original reporting that broke open major health care and labor stories.

Click here to watch Perez’s interview about UnitedHealthcare denying ER claims.

Click here to watch Rock’s interview about President Biden and the union persuader rule.

3. The Corruption Deduction

Check out this week’s episode of Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti’s new program Breaking Points, where Sirota discusses The Daily Poster’s new reporting on the Corruption Deduction — a perverse tax break given to government officials that effectively rewards them for having corporate conflicts of interest.

Click here to watch the episode.

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