In the new episode of our “educational” series The Audit, Dave, Josh, and their study buddy Senator Nina Turner audit the final lessons of David Axelrod and Karl Rove’s 24-part MasterClass on campaign strategy and messaging. Did they learn anything valuable? Absolutely not. Did they have a great time cutting through Axelrod and Rove’s whitewashed propaganda? Well, that’s a more subjective question.

During the final lessons, Axelrod and Rove discuss the current state of American politics, and the study group breaks down their discussion in real time. You might be surprised to learn which of these two campaign pros actually understands why our politics have become so divisive and which one is completely oblivious to any measurable reality. Actually, you probably won't be.

A rough transcript of this episode is available here.

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In addition to The Audit’s podcast content, their creative team does extensive research on each season’s subject matter. This season, they delved into Axelrod and Rove’s history, even though they certainly, definitely, absolutely, did not want to.

Please enjoy The Audit’s comprehensive bibliography.

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