In the new episode of our “educational” series The Audit, Dave, Josh and their study-buddy Kate Willett trudge their way through George W. Bush’s next two MasterClass lessons, “Accountability Leads to Results” and “Crisis Management.” We wish this was an ironic joke, but sadly, it’s not…

Dubya walks the study group through all the ways he showed amazing leadership and accountability during 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, AND the 2008 financial crisis. The short version: It all comes down to acting like you care.

The Audit team also examines one of the few (not entirely terrible) things Bush did — the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief — and how he still managed to get some terrible stuff into the initiative. They also examine how Bush’s experience in the world of business doesn’t jibe with his stated belief in free markets. AND “No Child Left Behind” gets the MasterClass whitewash treatment!

Click here for a rough transcript of the episode.

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