Some exciting news — thanks to subscriber support, we are now very close to hiring on more reporters to this journalism project. So I’m emailing you with a request:

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If you’ve been reading the free version of this newsletter, you know we’ve been covering crucial stories that are often ignored by the corporate-owned media — from the story of nursing home deaths, to the story of billionaires raiding retirees’ savings, to the story of pandemic profiteering by pharmaceutical companies. And we’ve recently gotten some terrific recognition for this journalism from the Los Angeles Times and the American Prospect.

Thanks to folks pitching in as paying subscribers, we were able to bring aboard investigative reporter Andrew Perez, who has been breaking big stories for us. Now, we are close to bringing on another great reporter and we are also aiming to engage some freelance journalists.

But to do that, we need as many free subscribers to go to to become monthly or annual supporting subscribers.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — billionaire- and corporate-owned media will never consistently scrutinize or question the power of the billionaires and corporations who are taking over our democracy. That’s why we are building TMI — a GRASSROOTS-FUNDED journalism project that answers only to readers. Our work is getting wider distribution in Jacobin and The Guardian — and with more supporting subscribers, we will have more reporting resources to continue to expand what we are doing.

Thanks for considering this request. Onward.

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