This Friday December 18th at 7:00pm ET, The Daily Poster will be hosting a subscriber-only live chat with Sirota, Bernie 2020 press secretary Briahna Gray and Los Angeles Chargers running back Justin Jackson, who has been called the most progressive voice in the NFL. We will discuss how to pressure and force Democrats to deliver during the Biden presidency.

Gray was the national press secretary for Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign, and she is now a contributing editor at Current Affairs and co-hosts the podcast Bad Faith.

Jackson was recently profiled by GQ magazine, in a story that notes he "has fired off more heaters, but also done on-on-the-ground work" for the progressive movement: "He canvassed for Bernie, and more recently, has been throwing his support behind progressives" running for Congress.

Our regular live-chat events are exclusively for Daily Poster supporting subscribers, who will be able to watch the broadcast live and ask questions in real time.

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