LEVER LIVE: Krystal Ball On Dems' Response To The Roe Decision

Podcasts from The Lever

Podcasts from The Lever

Lever Time is the flagship weekly podcast from The Lever. It is hosted by award-winning journalist and Oscar nominated writer David Sirota and features exclusive reporting from The Lever’s newsroom, high-profile guest interviews, and biting political comedy.

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Narrated by David Sirota, MELTDOWN explores how the financial crisis and the Obama administration’s tepid response to it helped create the conditions for the rise of Donald Trump, and how Democrats risk repeating the same history today.

Produced by Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney, MELTDOWN features exclusive interviews with Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, Thomas Frank, Matt Taibbi, and many others. The series also includes parts of Sirota's never-before-aired interview with former President Barack Obama.

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Lever Reruns is a series of one-off interviews and live chats recorded during the old Daily Poster days. We probably won't add any new episodes, but please enjoy these in perpetuity.

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