When right-wing pundits are attacking you and AOC, you must be doing something right — and that’s what happened today. A top right-wing columnist in the Washington Post berated The Daily Poster and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for pushing back against Republicans’ cynical attempts to claim credit for the election results, and marginalize the progressive voters who defeated Trump.

As we’ve reported, this is all part of a plan — as you can see here, conservatives are poised to try to dominate the media landscape not only with Fox News, but with a new Trump media outlet and another right-wing outlet run by GOP operatives. And they know The Daily Poster is building a grassroots-funded media outlet that is having impact — and debunking their schemes.

We are trying to hire an entire newsroom of reporters to hold politicians accountable, so my ask is simple:

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But beyond that, when you become a supporting subscriber, you are directly helping us hire more journalists to hold power accountable. Take a look  here, here, here and here for some examples of the kind of reporting we do and the impact we’ve had. We are trying to expand that in 2021, when holding power accountable will be as important as ever — but we can only do that if free subscribers take the step to become supporting subscribers.

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Look, I don’t like asking folks to pitch in right now — it’s a terrible economy, people are struggling to make ends meet and political campaigns have been bombarding everyone with requests for money.

However, if we don’t have robust accountability journalism, we’re going to get more of the same. We’re going to continue having a corporate- and billionaire-owned media that protects and fortifies power, and we will have conservative outlets pushing the Biden administration to the right.

We don’t have to accept that. We can have a reader-supported media that does accountability journalism. That’s what we are building here — but we can only do it with your support.

Thanks for considering this request.

Rock the boat,