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We’re offering it because our subscriber support is paying off. Earlier today, we broke a powerful exposé that revealed the lie behind politicians stripping people’s pandemic-related jobless aid because they say the benefits are stopping folks from taking good jobs.

In the story, we shared heartbreaking stories of people pleading with their wealthy governor to reinstate COVID-19 unemployment aid.

“This unemployment is our lifeline,” said one of them.

“You’re punishing us and forcing us to work low-wage jobs in a pandemic that’s still ongoing,” said another.

“There aren’t enough jobs out there, and the jobs don’t pay enough,” said a third.

You won’t find these stories anywhere else — because we uncovered them using open records requests.

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We have sent similar requests out to states all over the country. Our plan is to expose the nationwide toll of the lies those in power are telling to cut off the benefits millions of people desperately need.

Doing this work isn’t just about scoring clicks, social media hits, or Beltway newsletter mentions — it’s about fighting for people who need a lifeline during these unprecedented times.

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