🎧 MOVIES VS. CAPITALISM: The Succession Finale (w/ David Sirota)

🎧 MOVIES VS. CAPITALISM: You’ve Got Mail (w/ Robin Johnson)

May 16, 2023 Frank Cappello
On this week’s MVC: Rivka and Frank discuss Nora Ephron’s deranged rom-com You’ve Got Mail.
🎧 MOVIES VS. CAPITALISM: You’ve Got Mail (w/ Robin Johnson)

On this week’s Movies vs. Capitalism, Rivka and Frank are joined by filmmaker and activist Robin Johnson to discuss Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan’s deranged rom-com classic You’ve Got Mail.

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The group argues that the movie’s plot is essentially a pro-capitalist psychological thriller about a woman who is manipulated and subdued by her corporate oppressor. The film is emblematic of ’90s white liberalism that uses racially coded language and casually jokes about falling in love with fascist dictators. They also insist that the male lead is a full-blown psychopath whose only redeemable quality is that he’s played by Tom Hanks.

A rough transcript of the episode is available here.

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