On this week’s Movies vs. Capitalism, hosts Rivka Rivera and Frank Cappello are joined by actor and writer Erica Bitton for a cautionary discussion of Katherine Heigl’s 2008 romantic comedy 27 Dresses

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A rough transcript of the episode is available here.

As of 2022, the wedding industry in the U.S. was valued around $70 billion, with the average wedding costing $30,000. For some, what is supposed to be an event centered around love, family, and celebration devolves into an infuriating, complicated spend-a-thon.

In today’s interview, Rivka, Frank, and Erica discuss how 27 Dresses serves as essential propaganda for the wedding-industrial complex. They also critique the film’s reductive portrayal of its two lead female characters and pay homage to rom-com legend Judy Greer.

For next week, MVC will be watching the 2008 Disney/Pixar animated film Cars.

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