Sen. Pat Toomey (Photo credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

This report was written by Julia Rock and Andrew Perez.

The American Rescue Plan sent $1,400 relief checks to most Americans, which started arriving in bank accounts over the weekend. But the bill lacked a key provision that was attached to the $600 checks in December’s relief package: a ban on private debt collectors seizing the checks.

Democrats are scrambling to pass a bill preventing debt collectors from taking the checks, even though it may be too late to help people who have already had their payments seized. On Thursday, however, Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) blocked the legislation.

Toomey might have been doing his buddies a favor — since we have the scoop on the senator’s ties to the debt collection industry.


• Walmart scored a win against paid sick leave protections, courtesy of Biden’s stock regulators.

• Republicans are desperate to find a way to use the new stimulus bill to subsidize their anti-tax zealotry.

• The American Federation of Teachers says it's time for pension fund fiduciaries to reevaluate their private equity investments.

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